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Behind the Scenes – December 2013

An occasional update on performance, projects and plans for the school

Dear Parents

Firstly I would like to share with you our excellent test results.

In Foundation Stage our children attained at a much higher level than nationally and compared to the Oxfordshire average.

In Year 1 93% of the children ‘passed’ the phonic check (the National average is 69%).

In Year 2 100% who retook the phonics check achieved the required standard.

At the end of KS1 our results were higher than the national and Oxfordshire averages and were rigorously scrutinised for accuracy.

The Year 6 SATs were particularly successful, putting us in the top 1000 highest performing schools in the country!

We were also 10th in Oxfordshire for schools attainment. (Out of 247 schools).

100% of children achieved Level 4+ in Reading, Writing, Maths and Science.

22% achieved Level 6 in Maths (the average level for Year 9!).

And two children managed to achieve level 6 in the new Grammar paper!

The children worked extremely hard and were well supported by parents – thank you!

School Expansion Plans:

The school has had an initial meeting with an architect and representatives from Oxfordshire. The architect will be drawing up possible plans for consultation after Easter.

School Improvement Plan:

We are working on the issues raised by Ofsted (see performance in first paragraph!)

The main focus for this year is getting to grips with the new National Curriculum, which becomes statutory from September 2014.  This will involve a great deal of planning and change to the curriculum.

You may have also heard that the use of levels to assess children’s attainment is also being abandoned.  It will be up to schools how children should be assessed.  However, children will continue to be tested at the end of KS2, so we wait with interest how that will be measured.

We are also undertaking a complete review of ICT across the school and will be planning a new approach to the use of ICT, in line with the new National Curriculum that has replaced ICT with Computing.

School Vision:

We are reviewing the vision for the school, going back to basics and examining our core purpose and our values and aims. We will be looking for input from everyone who has a stake in the school.  Some classes have already been set homework on the project and we will be going to School Council next year.  Governors have met to begin the process and will be running a session for parents in the New Year.

I hope you have found this bulletin helpful, but if there is anything else you think should be included or anything you would like information on, please let me know.  Your feedback is very welcome.

Yours sincerely


Stella Belgrove