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Behind the Scenes : December 2014

** An occasional update on performance, projects and plans for the school **

Dear Parents

Firstly I would like to share with you our excellent test results.

In Foundation Stage our children attained at a much higher level than nationally and compared to the Oxfordshire average.

In Year 1 96% of the children ‘passed’ the phonic check putting us in the top 5% of schools in the country!

In Year 2 100% who retook the phonics check achieved the required standard.

At the end of KS1 our results were significantly higher than the national and Oxfordshire averages, with outstanding results.

The Year 6 children made good progress, particularly in Maths, with a number of children exceeding expected progress and attaining at the very highest level. Our percentages of higher achieving children were higher than national and county averages in Maths, Writing and Reading.

School Expansion Plans:

The proposal to expand to 1.5 FE is underway, with consultation closing on December 20th.  If the proposal is accepted, building work should begin very soon into the new year as we are planning to open for 45 Reception children in September 2015.  We will keep you up to date with information as soon as we have anything to report.

School Improvement Plan:

The main focus for this year, apart from getting to grips with the new National Curriculum, which became statutory from September 2014, is reading. We want every child to not only read proficiently by the time they leave us, but also have a lifelong love for reading. All the classes have joined Hook Norton library and I am taking groups of children down to choose books for their classes.  There is also a reading area in every class and we are encouraging the children to use our school library.  Mrs Orchard does a fantastic job as volunteer librarian!  All our books are now on the electronic system – so we know there are quite a few outstanding.  Please return them before the end of term because our stocks are depleted!  If you can spare a little regular time to help us with reading it would be very much appreciated.  Your support with reading at home is also vital.

You may have also heard that the use of levels to assess children’s attainment has also been abandoned, however, until we find a good alternative, we are continuing with levels this year. Children will continue to be tested at the end of KS1 and KS2 this year under the old system. We do not know yet how children will be assessed at the end of the key stages from 2016.

Children are responding well to the new curriculum with the Big Questions which they have been very enthusiastically finding out the answers to! Children have also been tackling the new computing curriculum with enthusiasm, coding and blogging very expertly!

School Sports and PE: you may be aware that primary schools have received extra funding to promote school sports – we are using this money to develop our already excellent school partnership links and to provide coaching and additional extra-curricular sporting activities. Teachers are also getting additional training in PE through the partnership.

I hope you have found this bulletin helpful, but if there is anything else you think should be included or anything you would like information on, please let me know. Your feedback is very welcome.

Yours sincerely

Stella Belgrove