Hook Norton C of E

Primary School

Live Love Care Think Learn Dare

Foundation Stage Friday 12 June

Here are some of the things we have been doing this week:

  • Forest group 2 lit a fire and cooked some popcorn.
  • We collected ants for our ant habitat.
  • Some tiny caterpillars arrived in the post. We are going to observe them until they change into butterflies.
  • Writing a caterpillar diary.
  • Taking photos with the ipad for a class ‘healthy’ book.
  • Enjoying Rainbow Fish stories and making our own Rainbow fish with sparkling scales.
  • Making summer collages.
  • Making a map of Sherwood Forest to use with the bee bots (programmable toys) and using the Red Riding Hood game on the interactive board. Both are an introduction to algorithms (a set of instructions to be followed to complete a task) and simple forms of coding.

Reception Read Write Inc

Both groups have revised the set 2 sounds learnt so far. They have also played word games on the interactive board and watched Numbertime 7.

Green Group

Green Group worked on Read Write Inc. Ditty Book 6 story 2.

They have read a story, practiced the correct formation of letters, filled in the missing words in a sentence and then written a given sentence.

 Blue Group

Blue Group have been using the Read Write Inc Ditty reading and writing book 5 Ditty 1 and have read a story, practised their letter formation, filled in the missing words in a sentence and written a sentence.

Nursery children Lots of stories about the ocean and fish. Learning the song there’s a hole at the bottom of the sea and singing the rhyme 1,2,3,4,5, once I caught a fish alive. Next week’s sound is g.

Next Week:

All Reception children will need a PE kit.

Our focus children next week will be Rosie. Jack, Otto, Gracie, Reggie, Alfie & Laila.

Tuesday Forest School Group 1. Full kit please

The Foundation Stage Team