Hook Norton C of E

Primary School

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Foundation Stage Friday 15 May

Here are some of the things we have been doing this week:

  • Settling the new children
  • Using cylinders to create castle Jack and the beanstalk pictures.
  • Solving number problems that involve doubling and sharing.
  • Learning to skip and recording how many skips we could do writing numerals beyond 20.
  • Looking at and recognising advertising logos.

Reception Read Write Inc

Both groups have revised the set 2 sounds learnt so far and learnt the new sound ou (as in house).

Green Group

Green Group worked on Read Write Inc. Ditty Book 5 story 2.

They have read a story, practiced the correct formation of letters, filled in the missing words in a sentence and then written a given sentence. They have also worked on doubling numbers.

 Blue Group

Blue Group have been using the Read Write Inc Ditty reading and writing book 4 Ditty 1 and have read a story, practised their letter formation, filled in the missing words in a sentence and written a sentence.

Nursery children next week’s sound is d.

Next Week:

Our focus children next week will be Darcy, Heath, Sam and Lexi.

Tuesday Forest School Group 2. Full kit please

Thursday 9.30am We shall be attending the Ascension and Pentecost whole school Service at St Peter’s Church. Please wear suitable shoes and bring a coat with a hood.

Friday We finish at the usual time 3.10pm for the half term break.

The Foundation Stage Team