Hook Norton C of E

Primary School

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Foundation Stage Friday : 29 January

Here are some of the things that we have been doing this week:

  • Continuing to support the new children who are settling in well.
  • Holding progress meetings for parents of children who did not start this term. If you missed your appointment please see your child’s key person to arrange another.
  • Making Rapunzel towers and magic wands.
  • Cooking gingerbread men.
  • Learning the names of 3D shapes, cubes, cones, cylinders and spheres please look out for these shapes at home and use the words whenever possible.
  • The building of our new classroom has begun, very exciting. The builders are hoping to finish at Easter.
  • Enjoying our new playground.
  • Spending time trying to identify blue cardigans and jumpers please make sure they are clearly labelled with your child’s name Sew in labels are the most reliable but iron-on labels or a marker pen will do.

Read Write Inc.

Blue Group

  • revising the sounds e,l,h,sh,r and working on blending them into words using magnet boards and writing simple words.

Green Group

Learning the new sounds ow(low), 00(long sound as in zoo), oo(short sound as in book), ar(car), or(sort). The sheets for these are being sent home on Friday.

Nursery children have been

  • learning the sound p.
  • enjoying story sessions and lots of music and movement.

Please help them to find objects at home that begin with our sound of the week and bring them for the display table. Our next sound will be q (qu).

Next Week

Focus Children Lincoln, Torin, Joseph and Mason.

Forest School Group 1 We only have one parent signed up. If you are able to come please sign up as the children wish to cook popcorn and will be unable to with only one parent helper. Children will need their full kit, warm socks and lots of layers please.
Men’s shirts wanted for painting aprons, please see Mrs Macdonald

Thank you     The Foundation Stage Team