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Foundation Stage News 06/02/15

Here are some of the things that we have been doing this week

  • Listening to the stories by Julia Donaldson and drawing a storymap of our favourite story.
  • Painting characters from Julia Donaldson stories.
  • Making models of dogs and dinosaurs.
  • Making up our own dinosaur names, painting what we thought they would look like and writing our own labels. A 20legosauraus and a mouseosaurus were particularly interesting.
  • Ballet imaginative play continues, dancing and watching performances of The Nutcracker and Swan Lake on the interactive board.
  • Observing and identifying different footprints in the snow.

Reception Read Write Inc

Both groups have learnt the sounds ay and ee

Blue Group

Blue Group have started using the Read Write Inc Ditty reading and writing books.

They have read a story, then filled in the missing words in a sentence and then written a given sentence. To be able to write the sentence they have to be able to hold the sentence in their head and so any help at home getting them to repeat a whole sentence or playing spoken memory games would be very helpful, for example:

Person 1” I went to the shop and I bought some eggs”

Person 2 “I went to the shop and I bought some eggs and some bread” continue to take turns making the list longer each time. Silly items can be added to make it more fun.

Green Group

Green Group worked on Read Write Inc. Ditty Book 2 story 1.

They have read a story, practiced the correct formation of letters, filled in the missing words in a sentence and then written a given sentence.

Next Week:

Forest School Group 2- lots of warm layers, thick socks, hats and gloves please.

All children will have the opportunity to visit the Prayer Space in the library.

Nursery children next week’s sound is s.

Our focus children next week will be Attie, Leo, Tahlia and Reggie

We finish on Friday at the usual time for Half Term Break.

The Foundation Stage Team