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From the Chair of Governors – June 2016

You will all be aware that we have reached another exciting stage in the development of the School and that another series of classroom moves have taken place. I would like to thank the Staff for completing this task whilst still keeping the teaching and learning of the children at the forefront.

The second phase of the building is underway with high expectations given the quality of the Early Years classroom which has just been handed over to the School. You can rest assured that we shall monitor the build very carefully and support Mrs Belgrove in her continuing efforts to ensure that there are no shortcuts and that the needs of the School are met despite constant moans re the budget for the build. Thank you for your patience with the alternative routes for delivering your children to School and hopefully the new fence will have been relocated to prevent the bottle neck that it originally caused.

The Governors have continued to work quietly but diligently behind the scenes. The budget has been set and approved, monitoring of teaching and learning has happened, we have received reports on PE, ICT, Maths and Assessment; Health and Safety has been monitored; Safeguarding has been prominent on the agenda. You may well have noticed that there is a lock on the car park gate. We have tried to keep the gate closed but it always seems too much trouble for people to get out of their cars/vans/lorries and shut it. There was no alternative to the lock. The attendance at the E Safety evening was disappointing. I felt that I gained a great deal from the evening and I was not looking at it from the position of a Parent with a young family to keep safe.

Please remember that nearly half of the Governors are Parents so there are a number of people to talk with if you want more information on the work of the Committee.

Scott Orchard