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Governors Update – March 2016

From the Chair of Governors

I hope that you have had the time to look at the School website and the who’s who section which allows you to identify the Governors and learn more about the role of the Governors. Governors have also provided a very brief pen portrait of themselves. There will be some changes to the Governing Body in September so make sure that you keep up to date.

Throughout the year I shall write a report to let you know what the Governors have been doing to complement the notes written by Mrs Belgrove in Parentmail. It is our job to have a strategic lead in improving outcomes for all children and to hold the school to account. (We are not a group who meets 3 times ayear to be told what is happening in the School.) We, therefore, have 3 sub committees which look at different aspects of the work of the School. Finance and Premises make sure that money is spent correctly and that budgeting allows the School to provide as much as possible. Within this committee we have a Health and Safety group which undertakes a termly walk around the school to ensure that the Children and Adults are safe and that the building is being properly maintained.  (Unfortunately the money that the school receives is not enough to repair everything immediately). The Curriculum Group looks at what is going on in the classroom and how the School is planning for the constant changes that are imposed by Government. Each area of the curriculum is being monitored and Staff report to us on their area of responsibility. The Pay and Personnel committee looks at the staffing of the school, at the Performance Management of the whole Staff and thus the pay progression that goes with that performance. We also have Governors whose responsibilities include:- the provision of IT equipment, Safeguarding, Special Educational Needs and Equality.

At present all of these groups total 16 meetings in the year plus numerous visits to monitor all aspects of the work of the School. Very shortly we shall be meeting to agree the budget spending for next year. We know that there will be difficult decisions to make as Oxfordshire receives less money than the majority of other counties. We shall also be planning for the future as we enter the challenge of an expanded School – a new member of staff, 3 new classrooms to furnish and fit.

We are all proud of the School that we serve and we are sure that you are too. It would be wrong of me not to express the gratitude of the Governors to Mrs Belgrove and the Staff for the way that they have coped with teaching whilst in an ever changing building site, designing new assessment systems and ensuring that the new curriculum is as creative as possible.

Scott Orchard

Chair of Governors