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Newsletter 2 February 2018

Dear Parents

Reminder: Forest Owls Assembly Wednesday 7 February 9.10am

Open Community Housing Meetings: There will be two Open Community Housing Meetings taking place in Hook Norton in late February, ahead of a village wide survey to request people’s views on an affordable, sustainable small housing project based on the needs of the local community.

The project is a social enterprise and at the feasibility study stage and they are hoping to encourage as many residents as possible to attend the meetings to share their vision and ideas for affordable homes in Hooky.

Roblox Warning:  Roblox is a very popular game played by primary school children; however, it has been brought to my attention that children who play the game can be sent “inappropriate” private messages while also being able to chat to other users via their headphones. My advice is to check your child’s Roblox account and look to see if they have friends that they do not know. We teach online safety in school, but please also

have a conversation with your children so they know how to stay safe online. The NSPCC and O2’s Net Aware site offers a no nonsense guide on social networks, apps and games to help adults keep up-to-date with the digital world and keep children safe.

Slapped Cheek: We have had confirmed cases of Slapped Cheek Syndrome in Reception and Nursery. Please watch out for symptoms such as a high temperature, runny nose, sore throat and headache in your child as they may have contracted the virus. After a few days your child may develop a bright red rash on their cheeks and/or a light pink body rash. Slapped Cheek Syndrome is harmless in most children but can cause serious complications in children with immune illnesses and pregnant women. We do have children in the school for whom Slapped Cheek Syndrome could be very dangerous. If your child is diagnosed with Slapped Cheek Syndrome, please let the school know ASAP.

School Health Nurse Newsletter: We are delighted to attach the Term 3 newsletter from the Primary School Health Nurse team.

Activities this week:

N: Making cars and houses and baking gingerbread people.

R: Learning about flowers and superheroes.

Y1/2: Finding out what is the best method of joining different materials and writing persuasive letters.

Y3: Creating their own mythical creatures and writing stories and descriptions about them.

Y4: Creating a Bayeux Tapestry of their own lives last year.

Y5: Learning about gravity and Isaac Newton, paper mache bowls and dancing.

Y6: Finishing their bags, making Spaghetti Bolognese, returning from Sweden.

Fire Safety: KS2 had a very informative talk from the Fire Brigade on fire safety – did they come home and ask you to check your smoke alarms?

Sport:  Well done to the Y6 netball team who played very well in the CNS partnership tournament. Annabelle Butler, Ned Kingsley-Bates, Alfie Wright and Jessica Rogers were awarded sporting champion certificates.

Well done to the Boccia team (Tris Connor, Amy Preedy-Corby, Luke Crow) who played in the West Oxfordshire U11 Boccia Competition and came third.  (It’s like boules).

Anti-Bullying Ambassadors : Pippa McArdle, David Kirk, Leila Denne, Ossie Knox, Hetty Cooke, Beau Lawrence and Alfie Simmonds, together with Mrs Vint, attended the Oxfordshire Anti-Bullying Ambassador training and came back with lots of excellent ideas to help stamp out bullying.

Health & Safety Inspection:  Our annual Health & Safety inspection went very well with everything as it should be.  The inspector reported: ‘Congratulations on maintaining your high standards in health and safety management. This is far harder than making progress and improvement.’

World Book Day – dressing up – Thursday 1 March NOT 8th as advertised on original dates list.

We will be having a pirate themed day, so we would like everyone who is able and willing to dress up as a pirate!  We will be launching our fundraising to replace the adventure playground (the high-level fort) with a pirate ship.  The adventure playground has done us proud for 25 years, so to mark our Silver Jubilee we want to build something that will last for the next 25 years and give generations of children lots of active fun.  Please save your pieces of silver!

Thank you to The Heath Allotment Trust for their very kind donation of £1500 to help us support disadvantaged children with visits.

Dogs – when tying dogs up outside of school, please check and ensure any mess made is cleared up.

Well Done: This week we have said well done to Callum Rothwell, Noah Edge, Freya Woolston, Lincoln Maule, Tillie Wyatt, Isobel Brearey, Harry Ward, Lauren Barnett, Sam Bayliss, Alma Richter-Mahr, Y6 children who went to Sweden, Alfie Wright, Caden Grootaert, Anna Horth.

Pen Licence:  Attie Yost

Attendance: Well Done to Year 6 for Almost Full Attendance 22-26 January.

Out of School Achievements: Bella Nunneley Wade Gymnastics Silver Award.

Owl Value of the Month: Justice

‘Do unto others as you would have them do to you’.

 Luke 6.31


Yours sincerely

Mrs S Belgrove

Head Teacher