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Newsletter 26 January 2018

Dear Parents

Year 4 catch up piano lessons on Friday 2nd February.

Thank you to the Friends of Hook Norton Community Library for their £70 donation raised at the ‘Tea and Cakes’ event for Foundation Stage books for the children’s library. 

Incredible Edible Gardening Club

A further grant of £300 has been awarded from the Nineveh Trust to Incredible Edible for the school garden. This means we are able to put in place the full plans that were drawn up from the winning designs last year.  A huge thank you to all the volunteers working to bring this to fruition.  Don’t forget the working party on Saturday 3 March 10.00am. If you would like to help please contact Annie Tullett at or phone 01608 738106.

Activities this week:

N: 3D model making cars and houses.

R: Painting, model making and learning words to do with transport.

Y1/2: Walked around Hook Norton looking at the features and deciding which parts Katie Morag would like.

Y3: Planning experiments to do with light.

Y4: Learning about the digestive system.

Y5: Story writing and multiplication.

Y6: Making fabric bags- they look so professional!

Children in Sweden are all having a great time and have visited a very inspiring Science museum today.

The governors met to discuss the school’s finances and ensure we are on track. We have agreed an exciting new project to replace the old adventure playground, which we will be launching soon to help celebrate our Silver Jubilee year.  The school was opened 25 years ago this year and we want to mark this properly.

Hint: there will be a pirate theme!

Well Done: This week we have said well done to Isabella Larkin, Rosie Brown, Niamh B, Neve Daly, Elvi Davies, Ava Wilson, Gracie Pearce, Reef Jurgens, Ossie Knox, Bethany Jarvis, All Y6, All 4

Pen Licence:  Ben Muller

Out of School Achievements:  Swimming – Ewen Rutherford Stage 7. Ballet – Imogen Hutchinson Grade 2, Scarlett Marshall Level 1.


Owl Value of the Month: Education


‘How much better to get wisdom than gold, to get insight rather than silver!’ Proverbs 16:16


Yours sincerely

Mrs S Belgrove

Head Teacher