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Newsletter 27 January 2017

Dear Parents

Together with St Peter’s Church we shall be hosting a Prayer Space in the school library 6-10th February, where children can reflect and consider and enjoy a quiet place to offer prayers if they wish. Parents/carers are most welcome to visit on Thursday 9th after school.

I am really pleased and proud to tell you that we came in the top 10% of Oxfordshire schools for our attainment in the 2016 KS2 tests. Thank you for your support at home – it makes such a difference.

Road Safety:  A concerned member of the public has written to me to express how worried she is for the safety of children crossing the road near her in Rectory Road.  Please reinforce the need to look both ways before crossing – there has been a near miss this week, where a car had to brake sharply to avoid a child crossing into The Butts.

School Funding:  You may have heard the news that the government is proposing to introduce a new way of funding schools which is supposedly ‘fairer’.  Oxfordshire is in the bottom 40 worst funded local authorities in the country and has long been part of the campaign to get a fairer deal – something I have supported.  The initial figures have been released with all schools’ revised budgets under the new formula.

I was, naturally, expecting us to be receiving more money, especially as there was an emphasis on rural schools, but quite unbelievably, we are facing a 2.5% reduction in our budget, which amounts to an £18,000 cut! (This is the salary of 2 teaching assistants, to put it in perspective.)

This week Radio Oxford has picked up the story that 130 schools in Oxfordshire will actually be worse off under the proposed changes and I was interviewed on the Howard Bentham breakfast show on Tuesday talking about it.  Please join us in the campaign to get this revised by writing to your MP Victoria Prentis at

Nits in Y4: Please check and treat your child’s hair this weekend.

Activities: Y6 attended Junior Citizens, Y4, Y5 and Y6 completed the county online Bullying Survey, Y1 went for a brisk walk around the village.  Y2 also walked round the village looking at the different buildings to make their map of Hook Norton. Mrs Robertson has been rehearsing with the choir in preparation for ‘Young Voices’ in Birmingham.  They are in fine voice!

Attendance: Well done to Year 2 for Almost Full Attendance 16-20 January 2017.

Well Done: This week we have said well done to: Ella Hawthorne, Elliott Miskin, Lily Harvey, Ewen Rutherford, Annie Spicer, Dotty Newman, Andy Haldane, Abi Nunneley, Poppy Driver, Becky Milne.

Out of School Achievements: Emily Holdsworth Yellow Award Wade Gymnastics, Poppy Queenan Stage 5 Swimming Award.

Owl Value of the Month: Determination.


Yours sincerely

Mrs S Belgrove

Head Teacher