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Newsletter 29 March 2018

Dear Parents

It seems that the cold weather is finally behind us and the daffodils are blooming around the school, reminding me how fortunate we are to live and work in such beautiful surroundings. Let’s hope we see some sunshine over the Easter break!

Thank you to the Randall family for the wooden stepping stones for the Nursery

Harry Bartlett Cups : This term the Harry Bartlett Cups were awarded to Daniel Rayner and Gemma and Chloe Webb; all children are excellent role models, work hard and are incredibly polite and helpful.

House Point Trophy: This term’s winner was the Green Team (who also won last term!) Well done Greens but let’s see if I can tie a different colour ribbon on the trophy next term!

Activities this week:
Little Owls battled on valiantly when the microphone stopped working and presented a lovely class assembly to the school and parents.
Bag2School – bags have been distributed via the children – please return your bag/s by Thursday 26th April 9am and help raise money for the school pirate ship.

Sport: Y2/3 attended the Schoolympics tournament at CN School. Sweden won, which included some of our children. Lots of our children received certificates for showing outstanding sporting qualities:
Josh Stratford, Darcey Davis-Batchelor, Max Sampson, Anna Horth, Annie Spicer, Darcy Lambourne, Caden Grootaert, Attie Yost. Well done!
Grace Mariner, Niamh Hewitt-Gray, Bella Nunneley, Ned Kingsley-Bates, Pippa McArdle, Orla McArdle, Becky Milne, Leila Denne and Emily Cutter have been awarded a Leadership Certificate for successfully completing the KS2 Sports Leadership Course.

Fran Kirk – Pilates Fusion Class
Both Yoga & Pilates can help to alleviate joint pain, improve movement, function, relieve symptoms of stress, restore balance and increase a sense of wellbeing. Classes are mixed, friendly and suitable for all levels.
Contact Fran on 07950424037 or for further details.

Wade Gymnastics Awards: Blue: Cohen Stubbs, Izzy Larkin, Jayden Phillips, Thomas Seaton, Edward Seaton, Clementine Yost, Claudia Farmiloe. Yellow: Lexi Deller, Evie Molmans, Sydney Maule,
Anna Horth. Red: Imogen Hutchinson. Purple: Orla McArdle, Poppy Driver. Green: Chloe-Anne Houseman, James McArdle.
N: Made Easter nests.
R: Made Easter baskets and wrote the Easter story.
Y1/Y2: Made amazing Arcimboldo portraits from collages of fruit and vegetables.
Y3: Had great fun measuring.
Y4: Baked Roman apple cake wearing their chefs’ hats they had made earlier.
Y5: Maypole Dancing and Easter cards.
Y6: Learnt about William Harvey and measured their lung capacity.

Friends’ Events (further information will follow):
Easter Holidays – annual Easter Treasure Trail. Details of the Easter Rabbit Hunt – information and additional forms are available on the school website.
Saturday 21 April, 3-5pm – Family Bingo ** Please note new time – earlier start **
Sunday 20 May, pm – Bike, Bake & Garage sale

Out of School Achievements : Well done to Anna Horth, awarded a medal for taking part in the ballet show of Cinderella, Ellie Newby and Edward Lehmann awarded a Blue Peter limited edition Diamond Badge, Freya Rennie Gymnastics medal Bronze L1, Zeti Jarvas awarded a football medal, Swimming- Emily Holdsworth Stage 3 and Neve Daly Stage 3.

Attendance: Well Done to Y3 for Almost Full Attendance 19-23 March 2018. Today I gave out 50 certificates for Full Attendance for the spring term to individual children – fantastic! If your child has fallen below 93% attendance you will be receiving a letter; this is standard practice to alert you to the fact that your child has fallen below the expected percentage (which is 96%+). I understand that often it is because of illness and cannot be helped but it is better to be informed, especially if you are considering a holiday in term time. If your child’s attendance falls below 90% this is classed as a ‘persistent absentee’ and is reported in our national data. This can seriously affect your child’s progress and attainment as they are missing 10%+ of their schooling.

Well Done; This week we have said well done to Daisy Petre, Freya White, All Elf Owls, All Little Owls, Fenton Bayliss, Courtney Watts, All Y5, Georgia Hewitt-Gray, Abby Baker, Emily Carroll-Mayes, Milly Stonehouse.
Pen Licence: Caden Grootaert

Term starts Monday 16 April.
New Spring/Summer menu starts on Monday 16th April.

Yours sincerely

Mrs S Belgrove
Head Teacher

Owl Value of the Month: Equality

Galatians 3:28 “There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is no male or female, for you are all one in Jesus Christ.”

Next term and next year’s term and holiday dates:-
Monday 16 April (Wednesday 18 April for Nursery) – Friday 25 May
May Day Holiday – School Closed : Monday 7 May
May Half Term : Monday 28 May – Friday 1 June inclusive
Monday 4 June – Friday 20 July, 1.30pm
Wednesday 5 September (Friday 7 September for Foundation Stage) – Friday 19 October
October Half Term : Monday 22 October – Friday 26 October inclusive
Monday 29 October – Friday 21 December, 1.30pm
Christmas Holiday : Monday 24 December – Friday 4 January 2019 inclusive
Monday 7 January 2019 (Wednesday 9 January for Nursery) – Friday 15 February
February Half Term : Monday 18 February – Friday 22 February
Monday 25 February – Friday 5 April, 1.30pm
April Holiday – Monday 8 April – Monday 22 April inclusive
Tuesday 23 April (Thursday 25 April for Nursery) – Friday 24 May
May Day Holiday – School Closed : Monday 6 May
May Half Term : Monday 27 May – Monday 3 June inclusive
Tuesday 4 June – Friday 19 July, 1.30pm