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Newsletter 4 May 2018

Dear Parents

Our May Day celebrations were a great success; the sun shone and the dances were lovely, from the Nursery children who definitely had the cute factor to a Tudor Maypole dance from Y5, complete with period costumes, a splendid Morris dance from Y3 and the traditional Coopers’ dance by Y6. The maypole was decorated with flowers and the garland was paraded by Zoe Milne and Hettie Cook. Rev. John Acreman crowned the May Queen (Lily Armstrong) with her attendants Cohen Stubbs, Harry Ward, Emily Bachelor and Claudia Farmiloe. The recorders set the scene perfectly and KS1 choir sang beautifully. Many thanks to Mrs Wood, Mrs Hackland and Mrs Tebbs and to FOHNS for the refreshments. Your donations and refreshment money raised £217.41 towards our pirate ship.

“I would like to congratulate the whole of my recorder group for the effort they have put in to learning all the music and for the numerous excellent performances that they have played over this school year, both within and outside school time. This culminated in a wonderful final performance at the May Day celebrations! Well done to you all!” Mrs Wood

Y5 have had their short stories published as part of the Chipping Norton Literary Festival. Each family received two copies of the book, which is also for sale in Jaffe and Neal in Chipping Norton. The children were thrilled to see their stories in print.

Photographs/Videos: Reminder – only photographs or videos of your own children may be posted on Facebook/ Instagram and any other social media sites. No members of staff either please. It is advisable to avoid any photograph where the school logo is identifiable to safeguard your child’s identity.

Keith Allen Music Lessons – Changed from Thursday 10 May to Tuesday 8 May.

Parking: Building has started on the field next to the school so please take extra care when parking and negotiating Sibford Road. It has been reported to me that parking on The Glebe recently has made driving down The Glebe difficult; a van was unable to get through as gap left was too narrow and residents are being blocked in by cars parking across their drives.

Activities this week:
N: The home corner is now a vets and children have been bringing in their cuddly toys for a consultation. Both Nursery and Reception have been busy in the garden planting.
R: Making May Crowns for May Day and healthy living posters. They have also been helping Mrs Nixon celebrate her birthday!
Y1/Y2: Writing Julia Donaldson book reviews, growing salad vegetables. They have enjoyed a visit from Pete Joyner, local chef, who has been showing them how to prepare salads.
Y3: Collecting rocks and minerals and looking at their properties. Learning about volcanoes in the news today.
Y4: Modern Foreign Languages Festival through the Chipping Norton Partnership. Going on an invertebrate hunt and finding the area and perimeter of shapes.
Y5: Kwik cricket and ball skills and finding out how plants grow.
Y6: Self-portraits and writing thank you letters to the author Robin Stevens.

Conversation overheard between two Y1 children: “If you don’t smoke you live to 100.”
“If you do smoke you won’t live to a 100.”
Our health & well- being curriculum seems to be working…

Governors: The Governors met this week and looked at the Art curriculum. Miss Persaud gave a comprehensive presentation on art throughout the school with lots of examples of the wonderful and varied work the children do in every class.

Friends’ Events:
Hook Norton’s Grand Garage and Car Boot Sale with the Bike and Bake Sale – Sunday 20 May from 2pm supported by the village ‘Old Blokes on Bikes’. Booking for garage sale to be included on a map (which will be circulated at the Car Boot, Bike & Bake), and car boot pitches must be booked in advance at Next week we will be distributing plates requesting donations of cakes to be brought into school on Friday 18th or from 12noon on the day – many thanks!

Attendance: Well done to Y5 for Full Attendance 23-27 April 2018 and to Y3 and Elf Owls for Almost Full Attendance

Out of School Achievements : Well done to James Rennie Man of the Match HNFC, Chloe Houseman Football trophy, Joseph Fowler Rugby medal, Claudia Farmiloe Stage 2 Swimming, William Lowans 600m Swimming, Emily Monelle Stage 7 Swimming, Chloe Webb Diamond Blue Peter Badge.

Pen Licence: Evie Molmans, Lexi Deller

Well Done; This week we have said well done to KS1 Choir, Mrs Wood’s recorder group, Pippa McArdle, Toby Driver, Ellis Maitland Jones, Charlie Mariner, Oliver Cutter, Clemmie Yost, Heath Marshall, Barney Hollingdale, Chloe Houseman, Ewen Rutherford, Jack Reid, Josh Walker, Melissa Stonehouse,
Meg Maitland Jones.

I hope the fine weather continues for the Bank Holiday weekend; see you all on Tuesday.

Yours sincerely
S. Belgrove

Head Teacher.

Owl Value of the Month: Freedom

“And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”
~John 8:32