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Newsletter 9 March 2018

Dear Parents

World Book Day Thursday 1 March
Everyone looked amazing dressed as pirates and we had a wonderful day shivering our timbers and reading pirate stories. Thank you for your donations that helped to fill our pirate ship with treasure. We raised £198.45 (plus a 1915 halfpenny and a chocolate coin!)
A group of Y6 children also made their own delicious lemonade and sold that at break time – they raised £21.90. Well done!
The weather was quite eventful but we wanted the children to enjoy their day and battled on! Thank you for your patience waiting for your children to come to the front entrance – it was not safe to dismiss them from the usual exits round the back, which was already covered in deep snow. They also had a lot of pirate paraphernalia on top of snow gear to round up before coming out. Thank you for your supportive comments on what was a very challenging day; we managed to stay open and get children and staff home safe and sound. I know that some children were not able to get in at all, so we will have another pirate themed day – probably in the summer when there is no likelihood of snow!
Our recycling week as part of our Erasmus project went very well, with the children enjoying the junk band workshops and a variety of recycling projects, culminating in a recycling exhibition in the hall after school today. Many of the classes focused on the dangers of plastics in our oceans, and how we need to stop single use plastics such as straws that cause so much harm to our marine life.
Activities this week:
N: Shakers from wood and bottle tops.
R: Musical instruments from recycled materials.
Y1/2: A stunning Owl sculpture from recycled lids, CDs, coat hangers, corks and paper.
Y3: A stop- frame animation film with plasticine marine creatures and pastel backdrop.
Y4: Cushions from recycled jumpers and tops.
Y5: Papier mache bowls covered with recycled material, wool and other embellishments.
Y6: Tin lanterns from food cans, pyjama cases from recycled material and homework making an artefact from recycled materials.

Parents’ Evening reminder: Monday 12 March (3.30-6.00pm).
Reminder: Year 3 Class Assembly Wednesday 14/3/18 9.10am
Pop-Up Market: St Peter’s Church Saturday 17 March 9.30-13.00, alongside Font Café + Hot Soup Lunch. Crafts, Baby Goods, Bric-a-Brac, Cakes, Fabric and Toys. Proceeds in aid of St Peter’s Church.
Travelling Book Fair – 8-12 March, 3.30pm – buy your books and help raise commission for the school to spend on books as well!
Friends’ events (further information will follow):
Saturday 24 March, 5.30pm – Family ‘Evening with Paddington’
Easter Holidays – annual Easter Treasure Trail
Saturday 21 April, 4-6pm – Family Bingo
Sunday 20 May, pm – Bike, Bake & Garage sale
Governor Business: Governors met twice this week to discuss the budget and school finances and to discuss the curriculum. The focus this term was French and Miss Crooker gave an informative report on how we teach French in KS2.
Well Done: This week we have said well done to all the children for their enthusiasm during recycling week.
Attendance: Well Done to: Y5 and Y6 for Almost Full Attendance 19-23 February.
Out of School Achievements: James Rennie Player of the Match HNFC, Elodie Thompson gaining her skiing badge.

Owl Value of the Month: Equality

Galatians 3:28 “There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is no male or female, for you are all one in Jesus Christ.”

Yours sincerely

Mrs S Belgrove
Head Teacher