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Nursery News 10 March 2017

Here are some of the things we have been busy doing this week:

  • Completing Learning Journeys for Conner, Teddy and Jarrod. Please make an appointment with your child’s Key Person the week after their Learning Journey.
  • Enjoying the new mud kitchen, making delicious cakes and pies. Children will get wet and muddy so please check that they have a complete change of named clothes in a drawstring bag on their peg. They could also bring their wellies and a spare pair of shoes to wear indoors (all named please).
  • Developing printing techniques with circles and dinosaurs.
  • Learning how to use water colour blocks.
  • Making number rubbings, learning to recognise, count and order numbers 1-6.
  • Making card ice cream cones to use for imaginative role play. Can you find any cone shapes at home?

Next Week:

Monday 1.30pm Library Visit Please ensure your child has sensible shoes and a coat with a hood or hat. We will need at least two parents/carers to walk with us. Thank you     

Learning Journeys for:  Jack F and Maya

The Nursery Team