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Nursery News 13 October 2017

Here are some of the things we have been busy doing this week:

  • Completing a Learning Journey for Jack. Please make an appointment with your child’s Key Person the week after you receive their Learning Journey.
  • Cutting our big pumpkin that we grew in the garden, scraping out the seeds and using it to make pumpkin soup for the harvest supper. Thank you to those who contributed ingredients. We shall dry the seeds to plant in the spring.
  • Putting our hands in pumpkin goo and describing what it feels like.
  • Drawing and writing in our green books.
  • Autumn tree pictures, printing outside
  • Conker rolling patterns.

Next Week

Learning Journeys for:  George. All children will receive a Learning Journey each term.

Monday The School Photography Company date for individual portraits

has been postponed from Monday 16/10/17 to Thursday 2 November instead.

Tuesday and Wednesday Mrs Macdonald will be out renewing her outdoor first aid certificate.

Friday We break up for half term at the usual time 3.10pm