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Nursery News 17 March 2017

Here are some of the things we have been busy doing this week:

  • Completing Learning Journeys for Jack F and Maya. Please make an appointment with your child’s Key Person the week after their Learning Journey.
  • Visiting the Library, listening to stories and choosing our own books. We still can’t find the copy of Maisy’s Christmas Tree, possibly a small board book that could have been taken home by accident, so please check at home.
  • Using the mud kitchen, making delicious cakes and pies. Please bring in any unwanted kitchen utensils eg. wooden spoons, whisks, mashers, table spoons etc. Thank you.
  • Observing a dead squashed frog then some frogspawn which we shall hopefully see develop over the next few weeks.
  • Using paint and printing techniques to create our own pond pictures.
  • Digging out the herb trough to move it and finding the biggest worms we have ever seen! I hope parents will find parking their pushchairs a little easier now. Please remember to close the gate to keep your children safe.
  • Finding out about St Patrick’s Day making flags and soda bread.
  • Practising country dancing for May Day. Advance warning: Girls will need dresses and boys trousers and white shirts. All must have sensible shoes for dancing. No crocs or slip on shoes like ballet pumps which fall off.

Next Week:

We have had several reported cases of nits please check your child’s hair.

Ribbon All children will need to bring in a piece of ribbon with their name on approx. 30cm long and no more than 2cm wide. Please bring in before Thursday 23rd March. Thank you

Learning Journeys for: Finn and Emilie                           The Nursery Team