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Nursery News 2 February 2018

Here are some of the things we have been busy doing this week:

  • Completing learning journeys for Elizabeth, Amaryllis and Amelie T.
  • Using the graphics area to create many imaginative and detailed pictures.
  • Cooking gingerbread people with the Learning Journey children.
  • Talking about the amazing super moon.
  • Painting flowers to make a thank you card for the Library who kindly gave us a £70 donation to purchase some new books.
  • Looking at the sounds in our names and learning how to write them.
  • Walking to the Library to listen to stories and choose some new books.

Next Week:     

Learning Journey for: Oliver P, Freya and Millie. All children will receive a Learning Journey each term. Please make an appointment with your child’s key person the week after their Learning Journey


The Nursery Team