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Nursery News 20 April 2018

Here are some of the things we have been busy doing this week:
• Welcoming back the children after the holiday and enjoying sharing their WOW! Sheets with them.
• The children transferring to the Reception Class in September have managed really well saying goodbye to their parents at the Nursery door and coming in independently.
• Drawing and writing about holiday experiences in our green books.
• Helping the new children, Theo, Jamie and Sinead to settle in.
• Practising sidestepping, skipping and clapping in time in the hall in preparation for May Day dancing.

May Day Celebrations – Tuesday 1 May, 9.30am (should finish by 11am)
(FOHNS serving Coffee & Croissants from 9am)
You are warmly invited to join us for our May Day celebrations on May 1st, which will commence at 9.30am on the playground (weather permitting – otherwise we will have to be in the school hall). Prior to the celebrations, FOHNS will be selling tea, coffee & croissants from 9.00am to all spectators attending the May Day celebrations.
Dress Code: Girls –pretty dresses, Boys – smart shirts and school trousers or shorts, Year 6 – jeans and a white shirt or t-shirt, with sensible shoes for dancing (no crocs, flip flops, boots or loose slip-on shoes). Children should come to school in their May Day outfits but can change into school uniform afterwards if you wish. Please make sure children bring a warm coat!
Afternoon Nursery children may join the dancing – please bring children to the Nursery at 9.15am, and collect them from the classroom at the end of the celebrations.

Wanted! Any artificial flowers you have spare for our Mayday celebrations to decorate the Maypole and the throne. Thank you!

Next Week New children starting

Please return forest forms by Friday.

Wednesday Library Visit 2pm Please sign up if you are free to help, as we will be unable to go without help. All children will need suitable shoes and a coat with a hood or hat in case of rain. Thank you

Hot Weather-long may it continue. Please remember to put once a day sun cream on your children before they come to school each day. They may bring a named sunhat but no sunglasses thank you.

The Nursery Team