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Nursery News 21 October 2016

Thank you to those who donated money for our NSPCC Teddy Bears Picnic.

So far we have raised £4.

Here are some of the things we have been busy doing this week:

  • Completing Learning Journeys for Mikaela, Lucas and Oliver. Please make an appointment with your child’s Key Person the week after you receive their Learning Journey.
  • Having our first school photograph.
  • Enjoying stories including Handa’s Hen, Teddy Bears Picnic, Little Bear Lost and We’re going on a picnic.
  • Cooking cakes and making sandwiches for our Teddy Bears Picnic
  • Bringing our teddies to school and having a picnic
  • Creating collages from lots of different red materials and objects.
  • Painting Autumn pictures
  • Threading repeating patterns with conkers and leaves.
  • Singing Happy Birthday to Rosie and Freddie.

Next Week:Is half term holiday have a lovely week

After half Term Learning Journeys for:Maya and Conner.

We shall be celebrating International Week with lots of activities relating to India and the festival of Diwali including a music and storytelling workshop on Thursday afternoon and Friday morning.