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Nursery News 23 February 2018

Here are some of the things we have been busy doing this week:

  • Completing learning journeys for Jack, Tabitha and George.
  • Enjoying listening to the story Owl Babies and other owl stories and poems.
  • Using clay to make models of owls.
  • Owl paintings and collages
  • Owl number, shape and matching games.
  • Using stick puppets to retell Owl Babies story.
  • Having lunch at our new tables in our own classroom (much quieter and very civilized)
  • Practising sidestepping and skipping in the hall in preparation for May Day dancing. Please note our hall times are Wednesday morning and Thursday afternoon. Children who do not attend these sessions will be unable to participate in the dancing as they will not have learnt the dance

Next Week 

Learning Journey for:   Holly, Oakley and Archie. All children will receive a Learning Journey each term. Please make an appointment with your child’s key person the week after their Learning Journey

Thursday 1st March World Book Day  Please wear a pirate costume and bring your favourite pirate story to share if you have one.


  The Nursery Team