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Nursery News 7 April 2017

Here are some of the things we have been busy doing this week:

  • Completing a Learning Journey for Jack D. Please make an appointment with your child’s Key Person the week after their Learning Journey.
  • Attending the Whole School Easter Service.
  • Caring for our sunflower seeds and measuring how much they have grown. We have entrusted them to your care for the holidays. A nice sunny window sill and a little water should do the trick although the rate they are growing some may need a stick for support. We hope this year will see our tallest sunflowers yet. Please return them after the holiday and we shall plant them in the lovely planters Dan White has made for us. We will label them so that the children, all being well, can find their own sunflower when they return to school in September.
  • Making Easter cards, learning to use scissors and split pins, devising patterns and writing our names.
  • Getting very sticky making Easter nests with chocolate eggs.
  • Using oval cutters and clay tools to create patterns on dough eggs.
  • Painting repeating patterns.
  • Shape collages.
  • Practising country dancing for May Day Celebrations outside on the playground in the sunshine.

Next Week:              Easter Holiday

We wish you all a very Happy Easter

Good luck searching for the Easter Chicks in the FOHNS Hunt!

Sunday 16th April St.Peter’s Church Easter Day Morning Worship Nursery children return on Wednesday 26th April

Friday 28th April 9am   May Day Celebrations

Please bring afternoon children to the Nursery at 9am to join the dancing. Girls in dresses (with cardigan & tights if chilly) and boys in school trousers and white shirts. All must have sensible shoes for dancing. No crocs or slip on shoes like ballet pumps which fall off. Thank you.

Fingers crossed the sun shines!

The Nursery Team