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Nursery News 9 March 2018

Here are some of the things we have been busy doing this week:
• Completing learning journeys for Mabel, Milo and Oliver P.
• Writing our names in the pirate book we have made with the photos of us dressed up on World Book Day.
• Talking about our mothers and why we love them.
• Making cards for Mothering Sunday and writing our names in them. We hope you have a lovely day.
• We were inspired by the fabulous Junk Band Workshop on Monday to make our own instruments from things we found in the recycling bin.
• We listened to the sounds of our shakers and talked about loud and soft sounds.
• Listening to the story of Peter and the wolf and the music by Prokofiev. We listened to see if we could spot the different instruments and music for each character.
• Practising sidestepping and skipping in the hall in preparation for May Day dancing. Please note our hall times are Wednesday morning and Thursday afternoon. Children who do not attend these sessions will be unable to participate in the dancing as they will not have learnt the dance

Next Week

Learning Journey for: Molly and Struan. All children will receive a Learning Journey each term. Please make an appointment with your child’s key person the week after their Learning Journey
Thursday New children visiting

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