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Reception Times 1 December 2017

This week we have had a lovely week learning about The Gingerbread Man. Inside we have been model making Gingerbread houses, thinking about the characters from the story and baking gingerbread men. Outside we have been packaging our pumpkin seeds and thinking about the changes in our environment now that the weather is getting colder. We have also been thinking about St Andrew’s Day and have made some Scottish flags to fly.

As part of The Gingerbread Man work we have been talking about adults we can trust. The children couldn’t think of an adult they would turn to if they found that they couldn’t see their mummy or daddy when they were out. Some children said they would try to walk home on their own if they couldn’t see their parents at the park or shop. We talked about safe adults we could turn to in an emergency- the police, another mummy with children or a shop keeper.

We are looking forward to seeing Key Stage 2’s dress rehearsal of Super Stan this afternoon!

Phonics & Maths:

In Phonics we have been consolidating our knowledge of Set 1 sounds and making words on our magnet boards. We will continue to work towards your child’s targets.

Some children have been coming home with ditty sheets to read. Please encourage your child to read the sentences on the sheet and answer the comprehension question. The hold a sentence is something we will try once the group is ready. This is when the child has to remember the sentence and try to write it down without support. If you want to help your child get ready for this stage, practice sounding out and writing some of the key words from the phrase e.g. dog, yap.

In Maths we have been practising our counting and learning to work out one more than and one less than to 10 and then to 20 using objects and in our heads.

Next Week:

We will be continuing our focus on The Gingerbread Man.

Learning Journeys:

Learning Journey children will be Maddie, Arthur, Freya and Maya.


Thank you for your kind donations of chocolate for the Christmas Fair. Next Friday is our third non-school uniform day in exchange for bottles for the grown up tombola please.

Forest School for Group 2 on Tuesday 5th December. Please makes sure children are well wrapped up- it is very cold in the Forest!! Thanks to parents who have already signed up to help. This is the last Forest School session until we begin the new term.

Please keep younger children with you in our outdoor area and in the playground before and after school.

Donations of good quality soft toys would be much appreciated for our Teddy Tombola at the Christmas Fair. Please hand these in by Thursday 14thDecember. Thank you.

Please can we have donations of boys’ underpants for our spare clothes box? We have completely run out! Please make sure your child has their own named spare clothes, including underwear and socks, just in case they need to change during the day.

As we are an eco-school we will not be handing out Christmas Cards at school. If your child would like to make a Christmas decoration to show they are thinking about their friends at Christmas, they may bring it in to put on the school Christmas tree.

Enjoy your weekend and keep warm!

The Reception Team