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Reception Times 2 February 2018

We have had a great week learning about flowers and Super heroes, chosen by the learning journey children.  Inside we have been printing different types of flower pictures, designing cars for superheroes, drawing and labelling flower diagrams and designing outfits for superheroes. In PE we played our traffic game from last Monday and designed a new superhero game together. We made gingerbread biscuits in cookery on Monday.

Outside we have been exploring different types of mini-beasts and building a winding road out of tubes to try and get our cars down safely.

Phonics & Maths:

In Phonics we continue to work towards your child’s targets. Thank you for your support with reading and writing at home.

In Maths this week we have been learning about different ways to make 6 and read the number sentences.  We have also been finding out how we measure time by doing a variety of timed exercises.  Can your child show tell you how many minutes there are in an hour and how many seconds there are in a minute?

Next Week:

PE will be on Monday morning- thank you to those who have provided a PE kit for their child.

We will be learning about Chinese New Year which will take place on Friday 16th February, during half term.

Learning Journeys:

Next week’s Learning Journeys will be Harrison, Mae and Jarrod.


Slapped Cheek Syndrome – we have had confirmed cases of Slapped Cheek Syndrome in Reception and Nursery. Please watch out for symptoms such as a high temperature, runny nose, sore throat and headache in your child as they may have contracted the virus. After a few days your child may develop a bright red rash on their cheeks and/or a light pink body rash. Slapped Cheek Syndrome is harmless in most children but can cause serious complications in children with immune illnesses and pregnant women. We do have children in the school for whom Slapped Cheek Syndrome could be very dangerous. If your child is diagnosed with Slapped Cheek Syndrome, please let the school know ASAP.

Thank you for discouraging children from bringing in toys from home. It has really helped to keep our environment calm and productive.

Forest School Group 2. Thank you to parents who have signed up already. Thank you for helping us by coming to check the rota after we lost our original in the wind! Mrs Macdonald has asked children to bring in an empty plastic bag to take to Forest School for the children to put their muddy wellies in.

For your child’s safety and the safety of others, please keep your children with you in our outdoor area and in the playground before and after school.

Term 3 finishes at 3.10pm on Friday 9th Feb.

The Reception Team