Hook Norton C of E

Primary School

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Reception Times 2 November 2018

This Week:

What a great start to the new term!  Inside we have been making firework pictures, finding out about people who help us and using conkers to make a trail for the small world firefighters to put out the imaginary fires.

Miss Mayall made cheese scones with the Learning Journey children.

To commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the First World War we have been making poppy gardens using printing and collage techniques.  Our paintings will be entered in a whole-school competition run by the Village Parish Council.

Outside we have been mixing Autumn colours, threading conkers and leaves to make an Autumn decoration with a repeating pattern, practising to write numerals and making models out of Octons.

The children had their photograph taken on Monday and looked very smart.

Thank you for your lovely WOW! Sheets. Our display will look amazing.

Phonics & Maths:

In Phonics we have learnt our new sounds e, l, h, sh. Thank you for helping your child to practice these at home.

In Maths we have been using the appropriate language of measurement to make comparisons between 3 objects and learning to use the language surrounding capacity including full, empty and half full, nearly empty and nearly full.  Can your child use this language when filling and pouring at home?

Next Week:

We will be finding out about Bonfire Night, Divali and Remembrance Sunday.

Learning Journeys:

Learning Journey children will be Molly, Rigby, Heath and Milo.


Year 6 will be selling poppies next week to raise money for the Royal British Legion. 

Forest School for Group 1 on Tuesday 6th November. Thank you to parents who have signed up to help.

Bags2school Please donate any unwanted clothing, shoes, hats, belts, handbags, ties and soft toys to our Bags2School collection.  The bags are being collected on Friday 23rd November.  The more you donate will help raise money for our school.  Thank you.

Please keep younger children with you in our outdoor area.

Enjoy your Bonfire Night celebrations over the weekend and stay safe!

The Reception Team