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Reception Times 24 November 2017

This week we have had a lovely week finishing off our work on Goldilocks and the Three Bears and thinking about American Thanksgiving. Inside we have retold the story of Goldilocks using our drawings, baked flapjacks using the bears’ left over porridge oats, learnt facts about Thanksgiving and made turkeys on a plate for Thanksgiving dinner.

Outside we have been focusing on American Thanksgiving by making American flags, printing stars, stripes and ‘Happy Thanksgiving’ letter stamps and cutting and sticking Thanksgiving dinner plates.

Mrs Collins helped us to understand more about our Owl Value of Tolerance using a section from the Bible about how important children are in our lives.  We had great fun singing the song about the books of the New Testament.

Phonics & Maths:

In Phonics we have been practicing making words with Set 1 sounds on our magnet boards. We will continue to work towards your child’s targets in phonics following our assessments.

In Maths we have been learning to recognise coins (up to £2) and add up coins to make a given amount to 20p. Can your child make a given amount to 10 using 1p coins? Can your child recognise 1p, 2p, 5p and 10p coins?

Next Week:

We will be focusing on The Gingerbread Man, leading us into our Christmas activities in December.

Learning Journeys:

Learning Journey children will be Eleanor, Imogen, Oliver and Kobe.


Thank you for your kind donations of toys for the Christmas Fair. Next Friday is our second non-school uniform day in exchange for bars or boxes of chocolate for the Children’s tombola.

If you would like your child to wear wellies in the garden please make sure they bring a pair of clean shoes to wear in the classroom and that the wellies are clearly named. When purchasing wellies please consider the sole/grip as your child may be climbing in them.

Forest School for Group 1 on Tuesday 28th November– we could do with one extra parent for both sessions to help if you can please. Thanks to those who have already signed up.

Please can all items of clothing and shoes be named.

Please keep younger children with you in our outdoor area and in the playground before and after school.

Nits and headlice reported in boys and girls in Nursery and Reception. Please check your child’s hair.

Enjoy your weekend and keep warm!

The Reception Team