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Reception Times 4 November 2016

This Week:

International Week has been wonderful and the children have thoroughly enjoyed learning about India and the festival of Diwali. Inside the children have enjoyed preparing and playing in our Indian Restaurant Role Play area. They have made chef’s hats, menus and recipes and pretended to be chefs, waiters, bar staff and customers. We have cooked a delicious Pumpkin Curry with Chapattis which most children thoroughly enjoyed eating. Outside the children have been making Diwali cards, creating clay Divas and colouring rangoli and Mehndi patterns.

We have also been lucky enough to attend a wonderful Diwali workshop. The children had a fantastic time listening to Hindu stories, dancing to Indian music, performing a puppet show and learning some Indian words and phrases.


In phonics we have learnt to read and write the sounds-‘v’, ‘y’,‘w’. We are practicing segmenting words orally and writing down the sounds we know in a word.


This week we have been learning to compare and measure height, length and capacity. The children have had a wonderful time measuring and comparing each other’s heights using non-standard units, measuring and comparing their heads and making different sized hats, measuring and comparing the capacity of different containers and ordering items of different lengths from smallest to longest. Can your child use comparative & superlative language- shorter, shortest, longer, longest, taller, tallest, bigger, biggest?

Learning Journeys:

Next week’s Learning Journeys will beCourtney, Noah and Barney.


Please keep clear of the main gate before and after school so that parents of older children can get out!

You may use the nursery gate once you’ve dropped older children off on the playground- there is a lot more space on that side!Keep your child with you before and after school to ensure their safety- they shouldn’t be playing in the bushes or on the adventure playground before or after school.

If you are dropping off your child late (after 9am) or collecting them early (before 3.10pm) please go to the main office to avoid disruptions to the class.

Next week:

Please check the Forest School board for up to date information. Group 2 children will need their full kit this Tuesday. This includes a waterproof coat and waterproof trousers, gloves (preferably waterproof), a scarf and a hat may be needed. On your child’s forest day they should wear everyday clothes rather than school uniform however your child will need to bring in some shoes for when they are back in class(!). If there is a problem with your child’s forest school kit, please let us know before Tuesday morning to avoid a delayed departure.

The older children may be selling Poppy Appeal items including poppies, wristbands and stationary items throughout the next couple of weeks for suggested donations of between 50p and £1. If you would like your child to be able to buy something, please bring in their donation labelled with your child’s name and the amount enclosed and we will try our best to facilitate this.

PE on Monday- please make sure your child’s kit is here. It should stay here now until the Christmas holidays.

Have fun and stay safe on Bonfire Night!

The Reception Team