Hook Norton C of E

Primary School

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The term so far…

Children have been very excited to tackle their new ‘Big Questions’ and have been sharing their learning with us in their class assemblies.  We’ve learnt lots about tigers and Vikings recently! One parent told me she that she had counted up the different activities her children had taken part in in addition to the usual curriculum: 12 in the last couple of weeks!

Of course we ensure that all children acquire the basic skills as quickly as possible, but we also are committed to providing a diversity of opportunities for our children.  We  believe it’s important to give children the chance to play a musical instrument, have hands-on experience as a Viking or a Stone Age villager, play team sports competitively, learn to draw and paint, dance and engage with the wider world.

School swimming was in the news this week; 40% of children leave primary school unable to swim 25m confidently.  It does take a great deal of organising when you do not have a pool down the road, and it has to be included in schools’ budgets.  However, we believe it is a vital skill and to date no child has left Hooky school unable to swim 25m!

Our Remembrance Service in school was very thoughtful, with the recorder group playing and the children all observing the one minute’s silence.