Hook Norton C of E

Primary School

Live Love Care Think Learn Dare

Art and Design


At Hook Norton School, we feel strongly that children should know the huge value in working creatively, and through their time in school, foster a LOVE  of art. Art should be so much more than creating pictures that link with the term’s Big Question. We aim to ensure that our children receive a high quality art and design education that will engage, inspire and challenge pupils, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to DARE to create their own works of art and design. We aim for our children toTHINK critically about artwork, drawing from the styles and movements of artists as well as various time-periods and cultures, which will help to develop our children into rich, well-rounded creative learners.


Through our curriculum, we provide students with the opportunity to explore their creativity in art lessons through a wide variety of mediums. The children will LEARN that the process of creating artwork is just as important as the final piece. This is implemented through preparatory drawings and rigorous use of sketchbooks. Students are encouraged to persevere and work out of their comfort zone with the techniques and mark-making that they use. Children are also given the opportunity to use art as a means of expressing their feelings towards the world and for communicating how they CARE about the things they see within their environment.

Enjoyment of art is encouraged through regular external skills workshops, whole school art projects and school art competitions. Art is also celebrated throughout the school using displays and gallery spaces that children as well as friends and family of the school can interact with.


The children of Hook Norton School produce pieces of work that vary greatly in style and medium, exploring their ideas and commenting on their experiences. They have the opportunity to become proficient in drawing, painting, collage and sculpture, as well as other more unusual areas like printing and animation. There is clear progression of these skills as children move up the school. They can discuss and analyse their work and the work of great artists, craft makers and designers, and understand the historical and cultural development of their art forms. Lastly, they leave Hook Norton School with a positive attitude towards Art and Design, which will set them in good stead for future creative endeavours in their LIVES.