Hook Norton C of E

Primary School

Live Love Care Think Learn Dare



PSHE stands for Personal, Social, Health and Economic education. PSHE education at Hook Norton CEP School helps children to stay safe, healthy and prepared for life's opportunities in modern Britain. It also helps pupils to achieve their academic potential. PSHE supports many of the principles of safeguarding and links closely to SMSC (Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural) education, British Values, RSE (Relationships and Sex Education) and our Christian Values within our Christian Vision. PHSE enables our children to become healthy, independent and responsible members of society with the tools to LIVE fulfilled lives. We provide opportunities for pupils to LEARN about rights and responsibilities, to  CARE for themselves, others and their world, and equip them to make choices as they grow Our pupils are encouraged to develop their sense of self-worth by contributing to school life, the local community and the wider world. It will help them to understand how they develop personally and socially, while enabling them to DARE to tackle many social, moral and cultural issues that are part of growing up. A LOVE of life and all its opportunities is encouraged as we equip our pupils to THINK through the challenges that face them.


At Hook Norton CE Primary, PSHE is taught through an enquiry based approach both within discrete lessons and embedded throughout the school day. Our comprehensive scheme covers our statutory duty and beyond through topics such as physical health, mental health, growing and changing, personal safety, relationships and sex education,  bullying and discrimination, media and digital literacy, money and work, community and responsibility. PSHE lessons are timetabled into our school week, and every opportunity is taken to celebrate and reinforce learning through assemblies, trips, visitors, community events, church services, School Council, Eco Council, subject ambassadors, sports leaders. Our PSHE programme of study incorporates SMSC and British Values, and reflects the overall aims, values and ethos of the school. As part of PSHE our pupils are encouraged to develop resilience and a growth mindset so that they have the skills to tackle challenges in the wider curriculum.


Our aim, through our PSHE programme of study and its impact on the life of the school, is for our pupils to be well-rounded individuals with the skills to tackle challenges in their next phase of learning and beyond. They will be equipped to navigate a range of situations with an open-minded and morally responsible outlook. They will appreciate and celebrate difference and diversity and apply the British Values of Democracy, Tolerance, Mutual respect, Rule of law and Liberty. They will be able to manage their emotions and look after their own mental health and well-being. They will have the skills to be active members of society and be able to develop positive, healthy relationship with their peers. They will have positive self esteem and respect for themselves and others.