Hook Norton C of E

Primary School

Live Love Care Think Learn Dare



At Hook Norton CE Primary School we offer a broad and rich Maths curriculum that incorporates the statutory elements of the Maths National Curriculum that all maintained schools must include. Children LEARN mathematical knowledge and skills within an exciting and stimulating programme of study that aims to foster a lifelong LOVE of Maths. Through our Maths curriculum we aim to develop learners who can THINK for themselves and reflect on their own learning. Our pupils are encouraged to believe in themselves, to CARE about their work, to be resilient and independent, develop a growth mindset and become innovative, creative, strategic-thinking individuals with Maths as a tool at their fingertips. They are supported to work independently, but also work as part of a team. They are taught ways to develop resilience and determination, to keep going and not give up, to DARE to have a go and to persevere in the face of difficulties. They are taught to manage themselves, their work and their resources. Ours is an inclusive community where each child is valued in Maths as an individual, within a culture of equality and aspiration, where disadvantage is removed through targeted support, and doors are opened to future success to enable children to LIVE fulfilled lives.

The National Curriculum Programmes of Study and the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum set out the teaching objectives that maintained schools are required to teach in the subject of Maths. Our Maths curriculum is taught through a careful progression of knowledge and skills from Early Years to Year Six, setting foundations for learning and building on what has already been taught through a carefully managed progression of knowledge and skills using the White Rose Maths programme of study supplemented by other resources.



The delivery of our Maths curriculum at Hook Norton CEP School is based on the principle of our children being deeply involved in their learning through the use of an inquisitive approach.

Our Maths curriculum is carefully mapped out within each year group, so that all statutory objectives are covered. Engagement and enrichment opportunities are woven in, and links between Maths and other subjects, ideas, themes and topics, are highlighted at every opportunity to give our learners the best opportunity to consolidate what they know. Equality and diversity are celebrated within our Maths curriculum and stereotypes are challenged.



The effectiveness of our Maths curriculum is measured in a variety of ways. We follow the government requirements in administering statutory tests and assessments:

Reception class complete the Early Years Foundation Stage Profile (EYFSP)

Year 2 (age 6 or 7), are assessed by their teachers at the end of key stage 1 in Maths.

Year 4 take the Multiplication Tables Check

Year 6 (age 10 or 11), take the end of key stage 2 national curriculum assessments (SATs) in

Pupils are continuously assessed through ongoing teacher assessment in Maths using our marking policy and internal assessment systems. These assessments are reported to parents through parent consultations and an end-of-year report. Pupils are taught to evaluate their own work and to support their peers in self-evaluation through the use of “talking partners”.