Hook Norton C of E

Primary School

Live Love Care Think Learn Dare



Because of our location, our children have a natural fascination about the world, and community, immediately around them. As soon as they walk in the door in the EYFS, we encourage them to LIVE through outdoor experiences both on site and at Forest School. Through our Geography curriculum, we aim to extend this curiosity to the wider world. We want all of our children to recognise and LOVE the beauty and diversity of their world and its people. In order to experience some of this first hand, we grab opportunities to undertake fieldwork locally and further afield. We encourage our children to THINK and be inquisitive, asking questions about the world, especially those areas they have yet to personally experience.  Throughout their time with us, we want them to LEARN key geographical skills that they will carry with them through life, alongside an understanding of geographical processes that enable them to make sense of the ever-changing world around them. We want them to become considerate citizens who CARE about their world and understand the impact that our decisions have on it. And, ultimately, we hope for them to DARE to strive for change that will protect the future of our world. 



Our Geography curriculum begins in Reception with teachers planning and responding to children’s needs and interests in order to satisfy the EYFS curriculum objectives. We make links to their world, through stories, books, art, video, first hand experiences and other resources.  

The rest of our curriculum is delivered through an inquisitive approach with work based around a half termly ‘Big Question’ through use of the ‘Learning Challenge Curriculum’ which ensures coverage of National Curriculum Objectives. This allows links across the curriculum to be explored as well as discrete teaching of geographical skills. 


Our geography curriculum is enriched by: 

  • ICT - to give access to geographical features of the wider world 

                - to allow children to research geographical questions 

  • Links to our PSHE curriculum 
  • Links in our French curriculum 
  • Pupil voice opportunities; School Council and Eco Council 
  • Erasmus link with school in Sweden 
  • Church links to overseas schools  
  • Field trips for relevant and contextual learning 
  • One off themed events eg. Queen’s Jubilee, Olympics, etc 




Our children leave Hook Norton School with a deep knowledge and understanding their local area as well as an appreciation of its place within the wider world.  


The effectiveness our curriculum is visible through: 

  • The work in our Big Question books 
  • The children recording comparative knowledge at the start and end on the topic 
  • highlighted mark sheets against objectives. 
  • pupil voice 
  • scrutiny of work produced by the children