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Global Learning


In 2015 we were selected as an Expert Centre in Global Learning. This is because we are doing a brilliant job at making sure that children get a range of experiences and are encouraged to look at various global issues from a range of perspectives. Our Global Learning Project has now come to an end, however we continue to work on ensuring that we provide a broad and balanced view for all children, encouraging them to take an interest in local, national and international issues and think about how they can make small changes in their own lives to make a big change in someone else’s; ask your child about why we should buy ugly fruit and veg and what Fairtrade means to them. A big part of the project is encouraging children to think more critically about the images and stories they see and hear in the media – an increasingly important skill!



The response from the children and the staff has been staggering and we are all really enjoying learning more about ourselves as part of the global community.



Part of the work we were doing with the Global Learning Programme was providing support and training for other schools who wished to enhance their curricula in Global Learning. We had 15 wonderful partner schools in the local area who came to our school to receive training lead by Mrs Nixon.


Erasmus+  2016-2018

In 2016 we were fortunate to have our bid accepted through the British Council to fund a project with our partner school in Sweden Park Skolan.  The aim of the project was to develop Maths and English skills through enterprise.  The children worked on a chocolate project, which also involved a trip to Cadbury World!  The whole school enjoyed a special Recycling Week where they learnt about waste, especially plastic, and pledged to cut down on single use plastics, such as straws


Erasmus+  2019-2022

In 2019 we were fortunate to have our latest bid accepted through the British Council to fund a new project with our partner school in Sweden Park Skolan.  The aim of this project is to develop Maths achievement - 'Every Child Counts'.  The project was deeply affected by the Covid pandemic, meaning that we could not carry out the activities as planned. We will be completing these over the next two years.