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Religious Education

At Hook Norton Church of England Primary School Religious Education supports and strengthens the school vision, ethos and values which are at the heart of what we aim to do in every aspect of school life.  Our school vision is based on:

LOVE your neighbour as yourself……”  (Matthew 22: 39, Mark 12:31)


Our Religious Education aims provide for progression through teaching a balance of knowledge and skills using a cross curricular approach enabling all children to courageously flourish within a safe and secure Christian environment.

We have based our RE curriculum on the aims of the Oxfordshire Agreed Syllabus and intend our learners to be excited and engaged to:

1. Understand the nature, role and influence of beliefs and practices of religions such as Christianity, Judaism, Islam and Hinduism and other world views, and can articulate their understanding with empathy and respect.

2. Acquire knowledge from comparing the similarities and differences between world religions, faiths, beliefs and traditions enabling them to become religiously literate and formulate reasoned opinions/arguments in relation to controversial issues and truth claims.

3. Pursue a personal quest for meaning, purpose and value to their lives including a sense of morality, tolerance and belonging to develop their own confidence and self-awareness encouraging consideration, compassion and generosity in a socially and culturally diverse society.

4. Through the teaching of high quality RE lessons and enriched learning experiences, alongside the education of British Values, consider their responsibilities to themselves and others and how they might contribute as responsible citizens locally and in the wider multi-faith and global community.

In this way, the children will be equipped to explore the Big Questions in life enabling them to think and reflect upon their own choices as well as finding out what others believe. Academic study assists in the prevention of misconceptions about religion and world views; through the promotion of discussion we can enable our children to become active participants in life with a global perspective and an ability to LIVE life to its fullness:

“I have come that you may have life in all its fullness” (John 10:10).


The ‘Statement of Entitlement’ states that every child should receive a high-quality Religious Education and ‘It will help educate for dignity and respect encouraging all to live well together.’  At Hook Norton Primary School it is our priority that our staff have a strong subject knowledge enabling effective teaching.  We ensure that we fully meet the requirement of the ‘Statement of Entitlement’ for Church schools.  Religious Education is taught weekly throughout the school and in EYFS through Understanding of the world each term.  Our RE teaching is informed by two teaching schemes: Oxfordshire Diocesan Board of Education scheme of work and Understanding Christianity.  By using these schemes simultaneously we are ensuring children are given the opportunity to become religiously literate.  Through the ODBE scheme children are given the opportunities to explore a wide range of different religions throughout their time in Primary school. 

Understanding Christianity is based upon seven core Christian concepts.  Children will explore the different concepts in a range of inspiring activities as they move through the school.


Understanding Christianity believes that children should show an understanding of the religious text and teachings but should also demonstrate a deepened and more thoughtful approach to their learning and how this influences day to day life.  This is based upon a three step enquiry model of teaching ~ making sense of the text, understanding the impact and making connections.  Children are encouraged to make connections to their personal experience and to realise there is diversity within a viewpoint. Lessons are balanced and varied and are adapted to meet the needs of all children. Teacher knowledge of the syllabus supports children to recall, revisit and to build on prior learning; enabling effective progress. Children have a safe space in which to be challenged and to think critically. It is through using these two schemes that we provide children with a holistic and balanced RE curriculum.  We use a variety of creative, cross-curricular teaching methods including art, design and technology, computing, PSHE, music, drama and discussion to develop thinking and debating skills.  We also use artefacts, pictures, stories and the use of reflection.  In each classroom there is a Prayer Space which enables children and staff of all beliefs and world views to explore life’s questions, spirituality and faith in a safe, creative and interactive way.

Enrichment opportunities support experience at all ages, assisting the delivery of a rich and engaging Religious Education curriculum enabling our children to flourish.



At Hook Norton Primary School, our children reflect our vision and values through their day to day actions and interactions and in the choices they make in life.  Children achieve at expected or above through their engagement and involvement.


By the time the children leave our school in Year 6 they will:


  • Have a secure understanding and knowledge of the religions studied and be able to communicate this.
  • Ask reflective questions about religion and demonstrate a good understanding of issues relating to the nature, truth and value of religion.
  • Show respect, tolerance and understanding of all religions, beliefs and practices.
  • Have a strong understanding of how the beliefs, values and practices within the religions studied come together.
  • Be able to link the study of religion, beliefs and world views through self-reflection.
  • Have a sense of self awareness, identity and belonging to flourish within the community and be responsible citizens.
  • Exemplify the school’s vision and Christian values in all aspects of life that are rooted in the teachings of the Bible.

Our children are loving, considerate and tolerant, able to self-reflect and contribute effectively in school and beyond. 

“All things are possible to him who believes.” (Mark 9:23)