Hook Norton C of E

Primary School

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Come and meet the staff at our school.

Our Staff:


Teaching Staff

Mr J Stone
(Head Teacher)
Mrs N Crouch
(Deputy Head/Y5 Class Teacher)
Mrs S Peters
(Senior Teacher/Y6 Class Teacher)
Mr J Tillcock
(Year 3/4 Tawny Owls Class Teacher)
Miss H Crooker
(Year 3/4 Barn Owls Class Teacher)

Mrs E Walker

(Year 3/4 Eagle Owls Class Teacher)
Mrs E Voce
(Year 1/2 Elf Owls Class Teacher)
Mrs E Vint
(Year 1/2 Little Owls Class Teacher)
Miss A Quartermain
(Year 1/2 Forest Owls Class Teacher)
Miss R Persaud
(Reception Class Teacher)
Mrs R Nixon
(Reception Class Teacher)
Mrs T Macdonald
(Nursery Teacher/Senior Teacher)
Mrs K McQuail
(Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator)

Support Staff

Mrs H Hope
(School Business Manager)
Mrs F Presly
(Admin Officer)
Mrs E Wollerton
(Admin Assistant)
Mrs C Lambourne
Mrs R Williams
(Nursery Nurses – Foundation Stage)

Mrs C Fallon

(YR Special Needs Assistant)

Mrs E Short

(Special Needs Assistant)

Mrs R Puttick
(Little Owls Teaching Assistant)

Mrs S Stephens
(Forest Owls Teaching Assistant)

Mrs H Butler
(Elf Owls Teaching Assistant)

Mrs M Hackland
(Y3/4 Teaching Assistant/HLTA)

Mrs S White
(Y3/4 Teaching Assistant)

Mrs L. Stovin-Bradford
(Y3/4 Teaching Assistant)

Mrs V Inglis
(Y5/6 Teaching Assistant/HLTA)
Mrs G Joyner
(Pastoral Support Assistant)

Mrs J Moulder

(Special Needs Assistant/Clubs Administrator)

Midday Supervisors
Mrs V. Inglis
(Senior Midday Supervisor)
Ms A Nash
Mrs A Stanton
Miss H Belcher
Mrs E Roberts
Mrs S Stephens

Mrs H Butler
Mrs E Nadasdy

Mrs C Fallon

Mrs D Gibbs